About us

Our Mission

Our mission as Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights is to promote and develop awareness and attention to the issues of transparency and accountability within the society. Our goal is to increase the involvement of citizens in the management of issues of public interest, and strengthen the active participation of public and private employees in the correct management of the companies they work for.

Accordingly, the Hermes Center’s mission includes:

  • Supporting and developing free software with the purpose of increasing the Freedom of Speech online and, more in general, the protection of rights and personal freedom in a connected world;
  • Supporting the development and promotion privacy and anonimity enabling technologies;
  • Taking part in associations or organizations which share the same goals as the Hermes Center in the field of promotion and protection of civil liberties, anonymity in a connected world, whistleblowing, freedom of speech and investigative journalism;
  • Promoting events aimed at increasing the culture of Transparency

Legal Documents

Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights is legally registered as “Associazione Hermes”, a non-profit association. According to Italian law, the type of association is defined as “APS” (Social Promotion Association) and was registered on 04/24/2012 with tax code IT-97621810155.
Tax-Number Assignment: [IT] Codice-Fiscale-Hermes.pdf
Non-Profit legal status: [IT] Modulo-EAS.pdf
Statute and Incorporation Act: [IT] Statuto Associazione Hermes.pdf & [EN] Translation
Code of Conduct: [EN] CODE-OF-CONDUCT.pdf

Logo for public uses

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