IRPILEAKS, first Italian platform for anonymous leaking to investigative journalism

IRPILEAKS, first Italian platform for anonymous leaking to investigative journalism

IRPILEAKS is the first Italian platform for anonymous leaking that protects the identity of whistleblowers thanks to  Tor network through a specific application called GlobaLeaks. IRPILEAKS was developed by the journalism centre ‘Investigative Reporting Project Italy’ and was supported by the ‘Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights’,  engineers of GlobaLeaks.


Are you aware of any wrongdoing in the public administration sector, of rigged procurements, scams, frauds, corruption, unreported environmental disasters or, last but not least, organised crime networks and related activities? You wish to denounce any of the above to the public but you are scared for your own safety or that of your family? Or even just afraid of losing your job? Are you, in a word, a potential whistleblower but you don’t know how to do it? Try IRPILEAKS!


IRPILEAKS is the first Italian platform for anonymous leaking that protects the identity of whistleblowers thanks to the Tor network, through a specific whistleblowing free-software solution called GlobaLeaks.


IRPILEAKS originates from the union of GlobaLeaks digital technology and the wish of the ‘Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), the first transnational centre of investigative journalism in Italy, which has decided to launch an investigative journalism endeavour aimed at collecting anonymous leaks from whistleblowers. This has been possible thanks to the “Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights”, creator of GlobaLeaks, a centre promoting the awareness of and the attention to transparency and accountability in human society.


IRPILEAKS has an Italian soul, but leaking is welcome from all-over the world. We favour leaks that deal with more than one country, and those that have some connections to Italy. However, no leaks will be underestimated on a geographical basis. Leaks will be judged on their level of reliability and decree of importance for the public interest. Leaks can be submitted in any language, although English and Italian are the ones chosen for the submittal platform.


IRPILEAKS is a tool for those who want to leak staying anonymous and safe.


Lorenzo Bodrero, IRPILEAKS’ coordinator, believes “a leaker can be crucial for investigative journalism. There are cases where only the leaks of courages people can expose wrongdoings among politicians, institutions or corporations or the hiding of crucial information to the public. Whistleblowers”, adds Bodrero “can be a pillar of inspiration for journalism acting as watchdog to democracy, especially if we talk about a democracy like the Italian one, at high risk of corruption and mafia infiltration.”


Italy is one of those places where ‘blowing the whistle’ can be a dangerous practice. IRPILEAKS allows whistleblowers to do that without retaliation of any kind. That’s possible because, through IRPILEAKS, built using free software GlobaLeaks, anybody can pass information to IRPI’s journalists in a totally confidential and anonymous way. However, the anonymity of the source is inextricably linked to the use of Tor browser, an renown technology that allows digital protection of anonymity. Instructions on the use of IRPILEAKS and Tor can be found on a specific section of IRPI’s website.


Claudio Agosti, President of Hermes Center, explains “GlobaLeaks  is the first free-software to have been invented for the protection of the sources of leaks. The goal is that of abating the barriers that can prevent whistleblowing practice from happening. Some time ago, we noticed how the web could potentially reach all those people who are afraid of denouncing wrongdoings, maybe because blackmailed or under a ‘code of silence’, or simply those who have lost hope and are not furthermore able to see a solution to problems. Technology cannot provide a solution either, but it surely can help the person by allowing a secure bridge with those who can listen and investigate upon raised issues, if they fall within public interest.”


Every great leak, before being fed to the public, undergoes a careful fact-checking process by journalists. Information that will be leaked to IRPI through IRPILEAKS will undergo a similar treatment and only those leaks considered of public interest will spark journalistic investigations to be then published on mainstream media.


In order to help the project with self-sustenance, IRPI has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Idiegogo, that will cover basic costs of the hosting server as well as advertisement.