Tor2web is the software project to create the Tor2web Network, a worldwide distributed network of proxy that aims at creating a bridge between the Internet and Tor Hidden Services.

The software allows Tor hidden services to be reachable from a common browser, without the use of Tor client. It Acts like a proxy, translating transparently the onion address into an https web url.

Anonymity of the client is downgraded and in no case guaranteed in this process, but lets to increase the overall outreach of the anonymous services.
During the web page rendering, the user is warned that he is not anonymous, the system suggests to download the Tor Browser Bundle to access the website directly from within the Tor Darknet, aiming a greater diffusion of the Tor users.

Tor2Web its based on proxies provided by the community, and like Tor exit node or Tor relay, someone that want to help the Tor2web network may start in hosting and managing it’s own Tor2web node.

The project aims to grow up to hundreds of nodes, by providing a distributed internet access backbone to anonymously published web resources.

It has been financially supported by:

Project Status:

  • Tor2web 1.0 prototype designed by Aaron Swartz and Virgil Griffith
  • Tor2web 2.0 prototype (survival mode), based on PHP glype
  • Tor2web, in production on several Tor2web nodes


Linkedin: Tor2web Linkedin Group
Mailing List:
Irc chat: #tor2web

How can you help us?

You can join the development of Tor2web with your Python and Twisted skills by looking at one of the missing or incomplete features in our roadmap on Github.
You can run a Tor2web node yourself, with some basic Linux skills and the availability of a server with enough bandwidth.
We are looking for help in setting up community management activities and in building a new website and an updated wiki to encourage the growth of the Tor2web network.
We are actively seeking to further expand fundings to develop the Tor2web project in all its own potential, so we look forward to partecipate in research grants, work with universities, research studies and human rights defense organization to help us achieve the result.