Currently leakdirectory.org is a community-editable wiki that contains the list of all whistleblowing sites along with useful links and information on the topic of whistleblowing.
A goal of LeakDirectory is to reach a big number of whistleblowing sites that are dedicated to certain topics or specific geographical areas. As a whistleblower it might be difficult to choose which service is the best one to trust and to use, or which node accepts the information that he wishes to speak out about.
LeakDirectory aims at filling this gap by creating an archive of all existing GlobaLeaks sites and whistleblowing related material. When a node administrator sets up a GlobaLeaks site he can choose to have it published to LeakDirectory, from there users will be able to comment on them and review them. The profiles of the sites will include the impact that the site has had (i.e. submissions that led to something interesting).
LeakDirectory will allow whistleblowers to make an informed decision as to what is the best recipient of the information they have.
It will be the App Store of Whistleblowing sites.
LeakDirectory may also show statistics on whistleblowing site operations and submission form inquiry details from registered whistleblowing sites, given that they decided to publish those data. LeakDirectory will provide as OpenData all its database and information to stimulate further analysis on the whistleblowing environment.
LeakDirectory represent also a security asset in the whistleblowing environment because, in a distributed network, the amount of unreliable (or even rogue) sites can be a damaging effect in the sites’ network. A user driven collaborative filter, like LeakDirectory, can be the best way to select a trustable whistleblowing site.

Project Status:

  • Research wiki (http://leakdirectory) up-to-date on most Whistleblowing initiatives and informations


Twitter: http://twitter.com/leakdirectory
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leakdirectory
Wiki: http://leakdirectory
Mailing List: http://lists.globaleaks.org/listinfo/globaleaks-talk
Irc chat: irc.oftc.net #globaleaks
Webchat: http://irc.lc/OFTC/globaleaks/webchat

How can you help us?

LeakDirectory will be implemented as a dedicated software following the release of GlobaLeaks 2.0, given it’s own dependency.
We invite you to contribute to the indexing and research of Whistleblowing sites, initiatives and related information on current wiki at http://leakdirectory.org.
We already received precious contribution from the author of “Hits and Tips for Whisteblowers”.
Or if you like the upcoming software project and you really like to start contributing, we can work on the research phase, by drafting out software specifications and stimulating brainstorming to create a detailed and shared implementation plan.