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The Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights develop and inform only thanks to the donation of institutions, private citizens and Corporations. Only with your help the Hermes Center can provide astounding technology and breakthrough insight on Anonymity, Whistleblowing, Civic Engagement and Digital Rights.

We want to thank each single donator by citing them in the People section of the site. If you’d prefer to be anonymous or to be listed with a special pseudonym or name please tell us and we’d be most eager to comply!

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If you prefer to do so, you can donate via Wire Transfer. In this case please use the the following coordinates:
Account Name: Associazione Hermes
Bank Name: Banca Prossima SpA
Bank Street: Via Manzoni Angolo Via verdi, 20121, Milan, Italy
IBAN: IT11Z0306909606100000067224