ExpoLeaks, the first whistleblowing platform for Expo 2015

June 10, 2014

ExpoLeaks, the first whistleblowing platform for Expo 2015

The platform allows anonymous leakers to share information about shady practices linked to the Milan Universal Exposition with a team of investigative journalists at IRPI.


Italy’s centre of investigative reporting IRPI (Investigative Reporting Project Italy) is launching ExpoLeaks, the first independent whistleblowing platform for anonymous reports of corruption linked to the multimillion euro contract for the infrastructures of the Expo international exhibition scheduled to open May 1st 2015 in Milan, Italy.

Following the wave of arrests of March 2014, when public officials, managers and a former MP were arrested, Italy is ravelled once again in scandal for mismanagement of public funding. This is why ExpoLeaks is needed: a project combining investigative journalism and technology to fight the corruption harming honest entrepreneurship and the common good.

ExpoLeaks  www.expoleaks.it  is designed to provide an opportunity to anybody working with the Universal Exhibition, from citizens to public officials, from workers to top managers, from volunteers to entrepreuners.

Anyone will be now able and share information and records on possible illegalities or wrongdoings anonymously and securely. This way, citizens will be given a chance of directly taking part to the transparent setting of the construction process for the Expo exhibition.

The leaks will be evaluated by a team of investigative journalists from IRPI. Those leaks considered important, will be unrolled into news and investigation to be displayed on ExpoLeaks website and published on different outlets, starting with Wired Italy, the project’s media partner of the project. The anonymity of the source is assured by both the Globaleaks software technology for leaking platforms along with the using of Tor browser, as well as from the professionalism and integrity of IRPI’s team of journalists.

The whistleblower, by sharing information and evidences, will allow the reporters to verify the leak accuracy for ExpoLeaks to inform the public in a transparent way.

ExpoLeaks was born from the joint efforts of two Italian experience unique in their kind. Conceived and managed by the first Italian center for investigative journalism, IRPI (Investigative Reporting Project Italy) and made possible thanks to the technology of the  Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights.

The project was launched with the support of Wired Italy and is supported by a crowdfunding campaign launched on Kriticalmass: